Martina Zupan is a Product Design graduate from Edinburgh Napier University interested in  Technology, Sustainability and Innovation. She was not afraid to go about trying to solve one of the many problems of waste in Food Industry and has developed a new compostable material made from eggshells.

Eggs are one of the most consumed food products globally. Through the research she has found that in 2016, 12.5 billion eggs have been consumed in the UK only, creating 70,000 tonnes of eggshell waste. Despite potentially being a highly valuable by-product, the eggshells from egg processors get sent to landfill, costing a large amount of money and harming the environment. Last year’s eggshell waste from egg processors has totalled over 17,000 tonnes, which could be easily avoided and used to produce compostable disposable tableware, potentially replacing all plastic disposables.

Martina would ideally like to work with like-minded investors who could help commercialise and expand the product range and with their support get the product onto the kitchen tables. “It would be a shame to ignore such a big potential and opportunity” she said.



Richard Firth – Programme Leader BDes(Hons) Product Design at Edinburgh Napier University has said about Martina’s project:

One of the many achievements that single’s out Martina’s project, is the incredible amount and range of her research and ideation process. Martina’s commitment, determination and drive to ‘try and try again has been rewarded in a design project that is truly unique with the potential to achieve real change with regard to how we think about materials, design our products and how we engage with  producing our products within the 21st century.